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Outdoor Experts Fl specializes in complete installation and repair driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, terraces, courtyards, roadways, sidewalks and multi-level commercial jobs. Our professional pavers installation crews are qualified to offer assembling and laying bricks of retaining walls in various shapes and colors, as well as Permeable pavement systems. Our manufacturers and walkway paver contractors make the highest quality of interlocking brick pavers and retaining wall products in the Florida. Superior materials and expertise bring a higher level of quality work to any paving job we work on.

pavers installation services in Florida

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We stand out among other paving companies because of our work ethic. We pride ourselves on working hard to provide customers with prompt service, quality products, competitive pricing, and 100% satisfaction. We offer only the best workmanship from our installation crews, which are supervised and managed by our team. We strive to exceed customers’ expectations with every paving job completed!

Frequently asked questions

Gray. Whether light or dark, gray makes a great option for homeowners when it comes to house colour outside. Gray, especially the lighter hues, look great and can pair well with white, orange or even green accents.

Professional painters charge around $4,000 for labor and materials to paint the exterior of a 2,500-square-foot, two-story home and roughly $5,500 for the interior.

Dark Brown, Eggplant, or Any Dark Color

Colors like dark brown, eggplant, olive green, and green-brown make homes feel small, cramped, and dark. While buyers have the option to repaint their homes, they can’t see past these ugly shades.


Types of Pavers

Choose the pavers are per your requirements.

Pavers look nicer than conventional concrete slabs. Finally, when it comes to paver installation, you have the option of using interlocking or slabs. The most typical applications of pavers are:

  • Brick Pavers
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Flagstone Pavers
  • Bluestone Pavers
  • Marble Pavers
  • Travertine Pavers
  • Brick pavers
    Brick pavers are often called clay pavers since they are formed of clay and shale material. There are a variety of processes for making brick pavements, but the soft mud approach is the most cost-effective and widely employed. 
  • Concrete pavers
    Concrete floors are being fired in big industrial furnaces by some manufacturers. The finished product is sturdy, and it’s usually suitable for road and even off-road use. Concrete floors have a wide spectrum of colors due to dyes and pigments, albeit the color fades faster than brick and stone pavers.
  • Flagstone pavers
    Flagstone pavers are flat slabs of natural paving stone supplied from a quarry. Slate, limestone, or sandstone are commonly used as flagstone because these natural stones are easy to cut and break into slabs. Brick and concrete pavers, on the other hand, are manufactured at a paving factory. 
  • Bluestone pavers
    Bluestone pavers are ideal for patios, courtyards, and walks because they are long-lasting and attractive. This attractive paver has a subtly textured surface and large proportions, making it a robust, long-lasting, and eye-catching addition to any outdoor project.
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  •  Marble pavers
    The tumbled texture of marble pavers makes them less slippery and excellent for outdoor use. Your walks, driveway, patio, and deck will be safer to walk or drive on due to this. Even on a hot day, marble remains cold to the touch since it is a natural stone. Consider pavers in a darker color if you’re going to use them on your driveway to hide stains like oil.
  • Travertine pavers
    Travertine pavers, like marble pavers, are all-natural and environmentally beneficial pavers utilized in various applications. These sedimentary rocks originated and grew in response to variations in pressure and temperature. Travertine flooring was a popular choice for outdoor landscaping and flooring because of its natural charm.

Commercial & residential pavers installation services

Make your house exterior look good by getting the pavers installed by our team of expert pavers installation professionals. Here you will get the service for pavers installation as well as for the pavers repairs. So, get in touch with us today. 

Benefits of Pavers Installation

If you’ve never considered an outdoor kitchen, after you own a home with an outdoor kitchen, you may wonder how you ever got along without an outdoor kitchen in the past.

  • INCREASED VALUEReal Estate Agents confirm that an interlocking paved driveway adds value to a home over a standard concrete or asphalt driveway.
  • DURABLE & FLEXIBLEResistance to root growth, erosion, earthquake and frost. Pavers are designed to undulate with movement and will not crack. They allow for easy access to roots, making maintenance a snap!
  • VERSATILITYWide selection of stones, colors and styles provide infinite variety of designs. From natural slate textures and the old-world charm of cobbles, to the classic style of brick – you are certain to find a look that will complement your home.
  • ECO-FRIENDLYIn contrast to non-permeable materials, interlocking paving stones allow natural biological processes to filter run-off before it pollutes our creeks. The interlocking paving stones allow water to drain through, and beneficial bacteria, which live between the stones and in the gravel bed below, remove toxins before they reach our creeks, the bay and our beaches.
  • SIMPLE REPAIRSBroken or stained pavers are easily removed and replaced. Replacing concrete or asphalt always leaves you with an ugly patchwork effect, unless you replace the entire surface. With pavers, changing out the ones you need to is easy and no one will ever know. The modular system of pavers allows for simple access for underground repairs, including pipes and cables.

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Our Pavers Installation Process Includes

  • Prepare the Patio Area
  • Clear Out Grass and Soil
  • Add Paver Base
  • Add and Level the Paver Sand
  • Place the Paver Stones
  • Add Edging Stones or Paver Edging
  • Finish the Patio

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