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Outdoor Experts Fl are the best choice for local deck construction services. We offer a variety of products and services, including new or replacement decks. Get your outdoor living space today by our experts.
Here we will upgrade your outdoor space so you can make the most of the beautiful weather and scenery. If you’re looking into building a deck then outdoor experts FL is the most reliable deck contracting company when it comes to reliability and safety. We are the organisation who is experienced and offering the best deck installation services in Florida. Get in touch with our professionals for more info.

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Types of deck installation services

composite deck services
composite deck services

Composite Deck

aluminum deck services
aluminum deck services

Aluminum Deck

vinyl deck services
vinyl deck services

Vinyl Deck

Composite Decking

composite deck services

Composite decking is a man-made building product made up of mix of wood fibers, plastics and a small amount of bonding agents. This mix is heated, formed into board shaped lengths and then cooled. The resulting boards need far less maintenance than traditional wood decking whilst looking more authentic than plastic alternatives.

Composite has one large benefit over traditional wood decking: it needs far less maintenance. The plastic content of the material means that the boards become more durable and resistant to rot, damp and insects. The boards have minimal water absorption which means they are highly slip resistant and can be used around pools and wet areas. 


Types of Composite Decking

  • Capped vs Uncapped
    There are currently two types of composite decking, capped and uncapped. Uncapped boards tend to be cheaper. Although the material is resistant and hard wearing, they do not come with the same protection against staining and colour fading. This means that in the first couple of months the boards may fade a small amount as residual tannins (wood oils) leach out from the board after being exposed to the environment.
    Capped composite boards, such as our Frontier range, come with an exterior plastic coating, which means that the boards become highly resistant against fading and staining. The boards are easy to wipe clean and keep their colour when exposed to the environment.
  • Hollow vs Solid
    Composite boards come in hollow and solid varieties. Hollow boards tend to have hollow chambers running throughout the length of the plank, whilst solid boards are stronger and heavier.
aluminum deck services

Aluminum Decking

As the name implies, aluminum decking is a house deck made out of extruded aluminum. Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant, lightweight, yet strong metal. Aluminum decking does not require a painted finish, and it can look like wood if you don’t like the aluminum look. It’s no wonder aluminum decking. It is becoming so popular with its versatility and low maintenance. Aluminum is a highly corrosion-resistant metal, and it does not rust. This feature results in an extremely long lifespan that easily exceeds other decking options by a long shot with very little maintenance.

Vinyl Decking

Whether you’re in the process of building a new deck, porch, patio or railing for your home, you’ll eventually find yourself making the decision between natural wood construction or vinyl. As more and more homeowner have discovered over the past decade, wood is indeed a popular option that imparts a natural appearance, but that beauty doesn’t come without its fair share of considerations. Wood needs a lot of TLC including staining, water protection, sanding and others. Vinyl, on the other hand, is incredibly low maintenance, never splinters, looks amazing and is surprisingly affordable.


vinyl deck services

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We are the team of experts who are providing the exterior painting services from a long time. We have been trusted by many people through out the state. Here are the reasons why you should hire our exterior painting services:

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Why to hire our outdoor experts in Boca Raton, Fl

Choosing a construction company to plan and complete your project is a big decision. The wrong choice could end up costing countless hours of your time and more money than you should have to spend. Choosing the right one can make the project process easier, faster, and more affordable. Here are few of the reasons why you should hire our professional exterior contractors in your service. 

  • RELEVANT EXPERIENCEOne of the best markers of future success is past success. If a construction company recently and successfully completed a project with many similar elements as your own, there’s a good chance they can do it again. They’ll have learned how to approach the project successfully and what types of issues can potentially arise. So, we are experienced enough to serve you.
  • PROJECT TEAMWhile the project experience of the company is certainly important, the experience of the individuals who will be running your projects may be even more so. Here you will be offered a team of experts who is going to handle whole your project that too in a systematic manner.
  • RESPECT FOR YOUR BUDGETYou want the construction team that can deliver the best project for the least amount of money. However, prioritizing cost above everything can be a risky approach. Instead, you need a construction team that is not only committed to working within your budget but will do so while considering overall value. Here you will be served with the best exterior services and that too in your budget.
  • SAFETYIf your construction team isn’t working safely, you can’t have a successful project. So, we are always concerned about your safety.
  • VALUING YOUR GOALSThe last, but probably most important thing you’ll want to look for in a construction team is that they’re committed to understanding and carrying out your vision from the project. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, here we will listen about your plans and ideas and further execution will be made on them

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